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Winter Time Blues

Author: Team Swordacrazy

Spool Your Fishing Line In The Winter So You Are Ready For Spring

Let's be honest, this time of year most anglers in the panhandle of Florida have turned their attention to the deer stand or duck blind in search of the next thrill. 

Okay, We Do A Little Hunting

Yes, we are guilty! 

There Is A Big Difference Between I Should & Actually Doing It

There are, however, some things you can do or should I say "should" do to prepare for the up coming fishing season. Spending some time on the gear during this down time will not only give you an excuse to hang out with the fellas but will also prepare you for a better success rate. 

Rigging For Swordfish
Getting rigged for swordfish with the crew and a good cold brew. Winter prep = a successful spring.

Spool Your Reels For Spring In The Winter
First thing, we like to do is strip all the line off of our reels and give them a good cleaning and oiling. (Removing the line after each season is good practice due to wear and tear and UV damage over the course of the year. A lot of times we change several hundred feet after each tournament we fish, as well.) Now is the time to remove any corrosion that has built up and really just make sure those reels are happy again. 

Fishing Line For The New Season
Getting our gear ready for the new season. It is imperative to have fresh line on all of your reels, especially when you are fishing tournaments and every fish counts.

Make Your Leaders Now!  Don't Wait!

Second thing, we do is get out the tackle and lure bags and go through it. We make new leaders or replace hooks or skirts or whatever might need to be replaced. We fish a lot of king mackerel tournaments and go through 50-100 wire gears a tournament sometimes so now is a great time to tie up a bunch of gears. 

Third thing, we do is discuss what tournaments we are going to fish the upcoming season. When it comes to traveling to fish events, you CANNOT prepare enough. Figure out hotel arrangements, look at local fishing reports, check out where the dockage for your boat is. Take time now to go over all the details of the events so you are that much more prepared. If you take the time to do some of these things during the winter, I promise you will have better success year in and year out.

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Why Buying Braid In Bulk Can Help You Spend More Time Fishing -  We all know braid is more expensive than mono but it also lasts a whole lot longer.  When you buy your braid in bulk you get economies of scale but thats not it!  You actually end up saving yourself a heck of a lot of time re-spooling when you use it as backing and only replace your mono topshot.  If you are serious fishermen, this is the way to go.

Don't Wait For Spring!  Get Braid Now!

Getting Your Swivels In Bulk Packs Can Help You Spend More Time Fishing -   Again it all comes down to preparation.   Get a bulk pack of swivels and keep on box on your boat or travel case, and keep the other pack safely tucked away in your fishing closet to avoid any corrosion. 

Get Your Snap Swivels Now!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to help you spend more time fishing.  Check out our brand direct fishing lines which you can buy directly from our factory at the tap of a button, saving you both time and money. 

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