Fishing Report:

Tuna At The Humps

Author: Austin Porter

Hello all,

Went to the Marathon hump Sunday morning along with the other 50 boats their for the holiday weekend. Once we got their we set up a 20lb mono rod with a small lure. 

The Birds:

As soon as we set up the one rod, we looked for the bird activity in which Sunday was about a mile away from the hump. So we headed for them.

Speed and Lure Placement:

We troll about 15 rpm with the lure probably 250 feet back. Yes 250 feet back, noticed we get a lot more hits that way.

Lure Choice:

We are using a small 4 inch octopus lure with about 1/2oz weight in the head. Many will ask why only one lure trolling, well since I have the lure so far back we need to turn on a dime and a lot of the times 2 lures get tangled. 

The Catch: 

We trolled around for about an hour and we landed 12 tunas. All small 2-4lb tunas. 

Tunas Caught On The Marathon Hump

What Fishing Lines Did We Use:

Used the High Vis yellow Bullbuster 20lb mono with Bullbuster regular 30lb leader. 

We noticed that the other many boats around use were not catching any (Not even lying, saw one boat hook up) and a boat trolled right by use and they were using like 8 inch lures and close to the boat.

Live Baiting For Tuna On The Hump:

If you would have a well full of pilchards, you can chum the tuna straight to the boat and find the bigger tuna. I did not get any pilchard so we resorted to trolling!

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