Fishing Report:

Tons Of Mahi On Floaters Offshore Miami

Author: L&H Sportfishing

Mahi Fishing Is Hot In Miami!

Mahi Fishing

The Wind Hasn't Stopped Us!

Its been windy but there have been tons of mahi offshore miami.  We have been able to find a number of floaters that are holding good numbers of fish. 

Mahi Underwater

Stay Aware!

 We have also been able to pick off a few hoos, skips, and triple tail. This time of year its about keeping your eyes peeled.  Staying aware can mean the difference between a mediocre day and a great one!  

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Fishing The Right Gear

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Miami Summer Fishing

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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