Fishing Report:

Snook Have Moved In

Author: Austin Porter

December Canal Snook In Miami

Hello all,

After months of the mullet coming threw the canals in Miami, the snook have finally started to show themselves. Tuesday, December 22 decided to net some mullet for bait. Now keep in mind these mullet maybe over a pound in weight.

Weight 22lbs and measured 38.5 inches. 

Miami Snook Fishing

 I will not say what canal but I know several areas in Miami canals and around the bay are holding the snook. I had my sailfish rod which was rigged with yellow mono, I threw some Bullbuster 40lb regular mono leader on with a 7/0 hook. What I do before I hook the mullet is hit their head against the boat, I do this so when I cast him where Im going to he pops the surface injured. 

Snook Fishing In . Canals

Well I did just that, casted near a big boat, mullet popping the surface and BAM! The snook ate the mullet, trying to get back under the boat but held him back. Was by myself so netted the fish, weighed him quickly and measured him. Took a little over 30 minutes to revive him but he swam away nicely! 

Canal Fishing For Snook

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