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Miami Winter Fishing Is Awesome

Author: L&H Sportfishing

Winter Fishing in Miami, FL

Dolphin Fishing Miami

Kingfish, dolphin, tuna, and wahoo can all be caught during the winter. It is possible to catch these species of saltwater game fish while trolling from one spot to another. There are times when the mahi are thick. Unlike in the summer when there are mostly schoolies, the winter holds some nice cows and bulls. Its not uncommon to see a 25Lb + mahi in your kite spread.

South Florida Sailfish Tournaments

Winter kite fishing for sailfish in Miami can get insane! It isn't uncommon for us to land double digit sails several days in a row. Whats also great, is that when the sailfish are chewing so is everything else!

Miami Wreck & Bottom Fishing

The winter time wreck fishing can be amazing. Not only are these fish big, but there is a great variety to catch on any given day! African Pompano, Amberjack, Almaco, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper and Barracuda are all ready to grab a bait and they will certainly put up a fight. We have hundreds of spots between thirty and five-hundred feet. When conditions are right it is not uncommon to limit out on multiple species in a single day!

Sailfishing Miami

Kite fishing is an excellent method of fishing, not only for sailfish, but for nearly all the fish that winter in our area. With live baits on the surface, dangling from the kites as well as mid water and some on the bottom multiple bites from multiple species of game fish are common.

Sharkfishing Miami

Big, strong, mean, powerful sharks invade the waters offshore of Miami and Key Biscayne. Hammerheads, Bulls, Tigers, Makos, Threshers, Blacktips and Spinners all patrol the reef edge and offshore waters looking for an easy meal. To target theses south Florida sea monsters the L&H uses heavy gear with big baits! This fishing is not for the faint of heart as one can expect a long grueling battle with a big strong adversary! To get a trophy mount made of the enormous catch is well worth it (bragging rights to friends and family)

Cobia Fishing Miami

One of the most exciting wintertime fish to target is the mighty cobia! The L&H is definitely the top Miami Charter Fishing Boat when it comes to targeting these wintertime brutes. We pride ourselves with the fact that we have caught more cobia over the past ten winters than all of the other boats at our marina combined!!!

Cobia Fishing

There is a specific area in which these fish are targeted. The captain and crew ride high above the waters surface and look for the fish in the water. Conditions must be right for this type of fishing with bright sun and clear water. Once the fish are located the captain will stay with the fish as the crew and anglers cast a variety of offerings at the often ravenous fish! The limit on cobias is one per person and when a good school is located, the limit (up to 6 fish) is often secured and the remaining fish caught and released! While our fishing friends in the Northeast and Canada struggle with the cold, the wonderful winte time fishing is red hot in sunny south Florida!

Grouper Fishing

Another unique winter time fishery for anglers aboard the L&H is grouper trolling. The waters offshore of Key Biscayne support a large coral reef system and this is the groupers favorite habitat. Trolling with wire line with just the right distance of wire out, along with the correct speed is imperative! A large natural bait or an artificial lure swimming far enough from the bottom not to snag it, but close enough to the grouper that he simply can’t resist it is the recipe for success! The drag is set very tight as to prevent the fleeing grouper from running into the rocks; that in combination with the fact that the trolling wire offers no stretch makes for a very very violent strike! The rod bounces violently as the grouper does its best to pull against the heavy drag headed for home! A tough battle will ensue, but the end result is well worth it!

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