Fishing Report:

Miami Reef Fishing

Author: Austin Porter

November Miami Reef Fishing Report

Hello all,

Took most of October off and rest a few weeks but early November I started back up.

November 23

Anchored up in about 60 feet just South of Fowey Lighthouse, as soon as the anchor tightened up and you looked down it was schools of cero mackerel. We put a 25lb block of chum in. Had a thawed out block of chum I mixed with oats to make a sludge and starting dumping spoon fulls of that. Within 10 minutes of being there, the yellowtail were on the surface. 


To catch the mackerel we only threw jigs and almost every cast was a hit. I have not see the big cero's yet however average size is about 3-4lb as of now. 


The filefish were so thick and wouldn't let you drift a bait back to the yellowtails so we had to throw some chum sludge in. As soon as the sludge drifted back the yellowtails would surface and we literally had to cast behind them so the filefish wouldn't get the bait. Not the most ideal situation however on this day the yellowtails did not spook at all. We used 12lb Bullbuster mono with 30lb regular Bullbuster Leader


We anchored up a little after 3pm and was heading home at 5:15pm. Every cast was a hit. The current was actually very very slow which surprised me with the bite. 

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