Fishing Report:

Dry Tortugas

Author: Austin Porter

October Fishing In The Dry Tortugas

Hello all,

October 1 I headed West to Dry Tortugas, weather was perfect blowing at about 10. After the long hike in the morning, we arrived at a tower in search of permit. We drove up slowly with crabs ready, once we got close enough a school of about 30 permit swam right up to the boat. Unfortunately not a single fish would eat so we headed onto the next spot. The next spot is a wreck I had known for muttons and african pompano, once we got their we dropped baits. My boat got one african and the other boat that was with use picked of five, the fish were all cookie cutters in the 8-10lb class. Once we left their, we lost my anchor and chain which left me with a claw anchor with no chain so were very limited to were we could fish. Most people know about the rock pile, so we headed their knowing we could claw that spot with no chain. Once we got their we dumped pilchards and chum for the snappers. The mangroves snappers ate anything that was sent to the bottom. We used Bullbusters 20lb mono and Bullbusters 60lb leader material. 

Bottom Fishing Dry Tortugas


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